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Introducing Pullouts Plus!


Designer Kitchen & Bath is proud to announce that we are now dealers of Pullouts Plus, which provide cabinet and closet organization systems.


Pullouts Plus Div. has one goal: to bring state of the art, innovative, high quality, and durable products for kitchens, baths, and closet systems to the customer. 


Pullouts Plus Div. jas designed products that allow you to transform new or existing cabinetry into a state of the art, organized, revolutionary space to store the items you use every day. Our closet systems can be used to transform an existing basic closet or to build a new Custom Closet System; our products will allow for maximum storage and ease of use of the space you have in a completely organized and upscale way. 


The customer can install these components or have one of our degreed designers create a custom design and drawing using these systems and components tailored to you needs.


Please see their website for more information:


See some of the products below!

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